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This is the most important part of psycho test. This is a computer based test, here candidates have to respond to the color displayed on the screen using their dominant finger (only one finger to be used for whole process), in the Keyboard first candidate have to press L thereafter a light will be displayed on the screen accordingly you have to press Red, Green, Yellow color key of the laptop which are marked R, G, Y respectively.

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>Modi Railway Psycho Test Classes provides complete solutions to prepare online and offline for Railway Psycho exams. Our team provides authentic and latest test series and study material for the preparation of Railway Psycho exams PUNE MAHA METRO Psycho Test, DFCCIl Psycho Test & NCRTC Psycho Test . The incomparable system of administration is characterized by strict discipline for students, teachers and other personnel. Regular, highly qualified and trained teachers are available here for the full syllabus.

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